Characteristic down

characteristic Down

The most distinctive feather of the enterprise is the lion-head goose down, which has a high content of down, large down, excellent warmth retention and belongs to the top down products. During the year, the company purchased nearly 100 tons of lion-head goose down (original hair) from more than 300 farmers. Under normal circumstances, a ton of lion-head goose raw wool processing extracts about 100 kilograms of fine wool, can be supplied in large quantities with the needs of customers. The finished down grey goose velvet manufactured by the company is mainly sold to Taiwan, Japan, Europe, America and domestic down products manufacturers.

Introduction to Lionhead Goose:

Chaozhou, the Chaoshan Plain in the Hanjiang River Basin, is named "Lion-Headed Goose" because of its large body, large goose head and large goose whine. Lion-headed geese are mostly kept in the natural ecological environment of Chaoshan Plain at the mouth of Hanjiang River. Its feathers are rich and thick, with high down content, very large down and excellent warmth retention. Compared with other goose breeds produced in the cold zone, its flesh is thick and delicious, sweet and unique, and has characteristics that other goose breeds can not compare with.

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