Product performance

Product performance

I. Understanding Down

Down refers to goose and duck and other waterbirds, which have soft plumage between neck and chest and abdomen. The plumage of this part is often immersed in water because of its need. Its warmth retention is the crown of the whole body feathers, and it has fairly good waterproof property. Because these fluffs have no hair stalks, they are very soft and are good materials for making all kinds of comfortable and warm products.

(1)The "waterfowl" fibers are special "three-dimensional", which are not found in other natural fibers. They can retain a large amount of air and keep the body warm.

(2)DOWN is a radial combination composed of small soft feathers scattered from the center to the quadrate (this structure can never be replaced by chemical fibers).

2. The Characteristics of Down (Feather) (Incredible Feather).

Waterbirds such as goose and duck do not need to cut their hair in summer. They go into the water in winter to find food "not wet" and "not afraid of cold" and live freely outdoors all the year round. This is due to the feathers (feathers) that cover their bodies. Down is different from other bedding materials in the following characteristics:

(1)The central part of the feather is the backbone, the two sides are the softer feathers, and the lower two sides are the soft feathers.

(2)It belongs to waterfowl with excellent moisture resistance. The innumerable stomata on the fibers have the function of moisture absorption and dehumidification, and have the natural "dry and refreshing" effect.

(3)Feather has the function of natural adjustment adapting to different temperature changes, and has the function of "warm winter and cool summer".

(4)It has long durability, decomposable fibers, no pollution and no environmental problems.

①Cashmere, usually used as filler for various heating products. The percentage content of cashmere is commonly used to distinguish the height of cashmere, such as: 10% - 90%. Therefore, factories should produce down products of different specifications (percentage) according to market demand and customer requirements.

②Filler of sheet 1 "usually used for pillows, cushions, mattresses, etc."

3. Contrast of warmth retentionExcellent temperature control function

Comparing with the same thickness of fillers, the warmth of down quilt can not be replaced by other warmth materials. There are tens of millions of triangular tiny stomata on the down-ball fibers, which can shrink and expand with the change of temperature, and produce the function of temperature regulation. It can absorb the hot air flowing from the human body, isolate the invasion of cold air from the outside, and keep a relatively balanced temperature inside the quilt.

The human body releases about 0.74 liters of water when sleeping at night. Because of its natural moisture absorption and dehumidification function, down fibers can automatically adjust the humidity of the quilt, making our sleeping environment comfortable and dry.

IV. Contrast of Fluffy DegreeDown test with 50% down content

Flexibility of Wuyue down = 2.5 times of cotton = 2.2 times of wool

V. Contrast of service life

The service life of down quilt is five times that of other quilts (chemical fiber quilt, silk quilt), and its cost is only three times that of other quilts.

6. Down sofaThe Secret of 29 Degrees

Down sofa has constant temperature, because down is a natural product, its fluffiness, softness, air permeability are incomparable with traditional materials such as sponges. Therefore, even at room temperature of 28 degrees Celsius, the temperature of a sofa filled with feathers will not rise after 25 minutes; it will only rise by 1 degree Celsius after 35 minutes. This creates a constant temperature of down sofa at 29 degrees Celsius.

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