Processing flow

Wuyue Down Processing flow

1. Pre-scoring: Use pre-extension to remove debris mixed in down.。

2. Dedusting: Pre-partitioned feathers are dedusted with a deduster.。

3. Hair Separation: Using a wool separator, the feathers after ash removal are divided into down, large, medium and small, and large and small wing stalks.。

4. Hair washing: When cleaning feathers with a wool washing machine, it is necessary to add down enzyme cleaner, enzyme deodorant and moisture-proof agent to remove grease, dust and odor.。

5. Dehydration: Dry-washed feathers with a dehydrator。

6. Drying: further drying of dehydrated feathers with a feather dryer, which can remove odor and disinfect at high temperature.。

7. Inspection: Quality inspection of classified products after drying.

8. Packaging: Packing qualified down varieties with a packer for packing, storage and reserve。

Notes: Down wash water must be neutral soft water, groundwater, mine pump water, need to check to meet the requirements before use. The standard dosage of detergent is 1%-2%.

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