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Special Environmental Protection Antibacterial Washing Technology

Wuyue Down Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of various feather raw materials for nearly 30 years. The finished products are sold to Europe, America, Japan and Taiwan. In order to provide "cleaner and healthier" down and feather materials, the antimicrobial process is treated with environmental friendly enzyme cleaner. The impurities adhering to the feather body are washed "cleaner and cleaner" than ordinary machines, and the cleanliness is over 1000mm. Beyond the world's most stringent European and American standards (550 mmup).

Comparison of Down and Feather Cleanliness Standards between the World and Our Department's Cleanliness Standards:

Antibacterial and Antimicrobial Processing

High temperature sterilization: After washing with antimicrobial agents, the feathers will be dehydrated and dried in the dryer immediately (100-120 degrees Celsius for half an hour). In addition to restoring the natural fluffy and elastic three-dimensional shape of feathers, it also has a more thorough effect of insecticidal sterilization.

Wuyue Down uses unique production technology, using the safest and most effective anti-bacterial and anti-microbial technology to treat down and feather raw materials, so that down clothing, down bedding, feather sofa and other products are more sanitary and cleaner, so that your products are deeply loved by consumers and achieve your excellent brand quality.

The feather products filled by Wuyue company's special environmental protection and anti-bacterial washing technology and the products processed by anti-bacterial microorganisms have characteristics that are not common in the same products.:

1. More durable health protection。

2. Effective prevention of odor-producing bacteria。

3. Preventable bacteria。

4. Prevent decay and loss of elasticity of raw materials。

5. It can prolong the service life and ensure the safety of product quality.。

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