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Patent of Down/Feather Antibacterial Deodorization Processing

The company has obtained two patents for feather cleaning with enzymes, breaking the tradition of cleaning feathers with chemical detergents in the industry. After cleaning, there are basically no chemical residues in feathers and feathers. The cleanliness of feathers and feathers exceeds 1000 degrees. The company cleans feathers and feathers with detergents prepared by the original solution of environmental friendly enzymes, sterilizing Chengdu more thoroughly and brightly. Better, while keeping the protein fibers in feathers and feathers from being destroyed, the products are more environmentally friendly and natural, with better fluffy, and are also very effective in eliminating animal odor.

Down/feather drying patent

The company has obtained a patent for a gas heating and heat conducting oil drying device for feather/feather drying, which has fast heat conduction speed, easy temperature control, more suitable for waterproof feather drying, shorter drying time, better protection of protein fibers in feather, so that the fluffy degree of feather is higher and the quality of feather is better. (Traditional boilers and steam heat conduction drying speed is slow, time is long, temperature is slow, friction time is long, easy to make protein fibers produce animal hair peculiar odor.)

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